• Management of events and series

    This software offers you the ability to manage the sporting events and series of your organisation. Over the years, we have improved the Sportos system so that it provides countless opportunities for managing any sporting event. There are many different configuration options – organise individual events, relay races, standing start races, separate start races, or create your own custom series with different classifications. Anything is possible!

  • Management of registrations

    A simple way to start and manage various registrations. Different registration stages, individual registrations, team registrations, combined registration packages, price lists, pricing rules, accompanying products and services – everything needed for you to implement your needed registration solution, whether it is for a smaller event or a large international event.

  • Personalised registration environment with an e-shop

    Sportos creates a personalised registration environment for the appropriate domain of the organiser that only hosts registrations for the events and series of the organiser and visually resembles the main website of the organiser. Users will not be redirected to environments hosted by third parties. The self-service environment allows users to register either individually or as groups, view their orders, receipts, offers from the organiser and also offers an e-shop solution. The environment can be used with or without an account, but registration will be easier in the future if an account is created.

  • Products, services, and inventory management

    It is important to provide participants with the most memorable event experience possible. Organisers usually have memorabilia, products, and services that they wish to provide to participants. Sportos allows you to manage various products, services, and offers and combine or group them or link them to events and distances, etc. There is also an option for inventory management that provides a clear overview of the current inventory and warehouse movements.

  • Various payment solutions

    Sportos allows organisers to adopt different payment methods with ease: bank link payments, credit card payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, or payment solutions that offer compensation services to employees. We have integrations with the providers of every major payment service and we can create more if needed. After the signing of the contract with the provider of the payment service, all payments for orders will be transferred to your bank account.

  • Orders and receipts

    All orders and receipts will be retained in the system. For accounting, you can import various financial reports and statements. Reports are provided based on events, distances, countries, gender, products, and services.

  • Participant management

    A simple, convenient, and functional overview of the participants of an event by year, event, or distance. Participant management is easy and convenient for the organiser and offers various different features from changing participants and transferring them to other events to revision history and their competitive record. Participant data can also be imported from a file. It is also possible to export participant data into output files.

  • Automatic notifications

    With Sportos, you can set up multiple automatic notifications, whether it is a confirmation of an order, a starting number notification that includes a QR code, a notification with a recommended starting group, or even a results notification, such as an SMS sent after the end of an event and containing the result of a participant. Quick communication and notifications are a very important part of the modern information society and Sportos offers quick and convenient solutions for all such needs.

  • Starting list management

    For creating starting lists, Sportos offers convenient solutions and can generate them automatically per the organiser’s configuration. For generating starting lists, different algorithms can be used: past results, distance-based coefficients, registration order, etc.
    The starting list manager allows you to use starting groups, leave certain intervals of numbers blank, etc. The timer automatically imports starting lists from the system of Sportos in the appropriate format. Automatic interfaces exist for some timers, in which case the data contained in starting lists is imported automatically to the timer system.

  • Management of results and aggregated results

    Sportos includes a results manager where results will be imported into the Sportos database through the automatic integration after the event has ended. Results can be viewed, filtered, and updated at any time. Sportos gives organisers ways to manage the overall results of a series by using the various results in the database of the organiser. All results can be automatically interfaced to the website of the organiser and Sportos-managed public portals (sportos.ee, sportos.fi).

  • Individual credit management

    In Sportos, you can use individual credit management. For example, if a participant fell ill before the event and is thus unable to participate, their participation can be revoked and they will be given credit. Credit management can also be used if the event is cancelled due to a lack of snow. The credit can be used by the person in the self-service environment to either register for the next event or to purchase something from the online store.

  • Credit system for sports clubs

    A major issue for sports clubs is that registering for events is difficult for their members. Their accountants receive several individual bills that they then have to deal with. Sportos has a simple solution to this problem! The organiser can select which sports clubs to provide credit services to. After this, the members of a sports club can use their club-provided compensation much more easily. If a member has credit, any registrations will be confirmed automatically and the sports club will later receive a summary invoice for registrations through credit.

  • Reports and accounting

    Sportos offers a variety of different reports about events, distances, orders, revenues, and participants. Organisers can obtain a real-time overview of all important information which will then help obtain an overview of all the registrations for the event and make forecasts for the future, and they are also helpful for the accountant of the organisation.

  • Integrations with external systems

    We have developed our system in such a way that integrations with external systems are simple and do not require significant development. We have integrations with payment systems, timers, various portals, and home pages. Our experts are ready to provide any kind of assistance in configuring various different integrations. The automatic exchange of data between different parties reduces the amount of work and also makes it possible to minimise costs.

  • Licences and member clubs

    The system of Sportos contains tools for sports federations so that they can better organise their work. With Sportos, you can organise the licensing of athletes, trainers, and support staff. Some of the most important sports federations that use the Sportos system are, for example, the Estonian Cyclists Union, Estonian Athletic Association, Estonian Gymnastics Federation, and the Estonian Triathlete Federation.

  • Additional features

    The Sportos system is constantly being developed. We are always ready to create new tools for organisers that will help them work better and more effectively. If some features that you need are not available in our system for any reason, we are always ready to discuss these improvements and develop them if needed. Reasonable and necessary improvements are always beneficial to the organiser.

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