• Is Sportos also right for my event?

    Sportos is developed so that it suits any competition organisers regardless of whether you are organising a small or a big event, even if it is an event with over 20,000 participants. We have a solution for everyone!

  • Is it possible to obtain an overview of the software as a whole?

    Of course it is possible. Give us your contact details and our experts will contact you and give you an overview of the features and useability of the system. It is also possible to test out the system with a specially-made testing account.

  • How quickly is it possible to start using the software?

    The speed and smoothness of the adoption process depends on the exact needs and demands of the organiser. The adoption process must be smooth and proceed without issues. In the case of smaller events, you can start using the system immediately, but with larger organisers, our experts will create precise adoption plans. Although entering information into the system and managing it can be done immediately, the transfer of certain kinds of data and configuring integrations could take a bit of time in the case of larger organisers. Current experience has indicated that larger organisers can expect the necessary public integrations to be operational within 1 to 2 weeks, as they usually also require minor development work done by the organiser on their website.

  • Is it possible to transfer data from your old system?

    Yes. The transfer of data is also a part of the adoption process if necessary. Depending on the quality, accessibility, and structure of the old data, the transfer could take some time, which will be agreed upon in detail with the organiser.

  • Is it possible to integrate Sportos with my home page?

    Yes. We have API and widget-based solutions for integrating with external systems. For the organiser, using standardised widget solutions is easier, while using API integrations requires additional work on the website. The ease or difficulty of integration depends on the needs and terms of reference of the specific organiser.

  • How much does Sportos cost?

    The cost is derived from the percentage of the service fee taken from the revenues as processed by the system used by the organiser. The percentage of the service fee depends on the size of the event, the number of participants, and what system features are being used. The percentage of the service fee is fixed by a mutual agreement with the organiser. For smaller events, a fixed minimum fee applies, which is €140 + km per event (for events where the service fee taken from the turnover does not exceed €140).

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